About Concordia Club


Why become a member of the Concordia Club?

Well first of all, you will be entitled to the following:

  • Access to our 250 acre recreational property near Baden, Ontario - 'The Concordia Farm'
  • First opportunity to buy Oktoberfest tickets
  • Monthly newsletter
  • 10% Members Discount on regular restaurant meals including daily specials
  • Reduced Admission to annual gala member dinner in November
  • Reduced Admission charges on most club events
  • Interest & Voting rights

Freedom to be a part of any of the following Concordia activity groups: (additional group membership fee may apply, administrated by each individual group)

1. Mixed Choir
2. Male Choir
3. Children's Choir
4. Youth Choir
5. Treffpunkt (youth Group)
6. Skat Club
7. Bridge Club
8. Chess Club
9. Alpine Ice Curling Group (Eisstock)
10. Bowling Club
11. Soccer Club
12. Table-Tennis Club
13. Tennis Club
14. Enzian Folk Dancers
15. Mardi Gras Club
16. Ballroom Dancing Club
17. Outdoor Recreational Club
18. Women's Club
19. Beach Volleyball Club
20. Seniors Group
21. Camping Club

When you become a member of the Concordia Club, you will become part of a club with a history. You will rest assured that you are supporting an institution with a respected & solid interest, not only in the community, but in it's members.

Concordia Membership Fees for 2021 (including HST)

Membership Renewals:

Per Family

Single Person



Social Membership Fee

New Farm Gate Card               $34.00 including HST
Annual Renewal of Farm Card    $23.00 per year including HST

Administration Fee for late-payers or re-renewers or new memberships: $ 20.00 plus HST (applies for payments received after April 30th)

Senior Membership fee applies if a member reaches the age of 65 and has been a club member for at least 5 consecutive years. In the case of a married couple, the seniors fee applies if one or the spouses reaches age 65. In this case two senior fees of $ 41.75 each are payable.

For a more durable card, we offer plastic lamination of the membership card for $ 1.50 plus HST per card.

Farm/Camping 2021:

Farm lot fee, including Gate Card
$1,567.90 including HST

Hydro -$ 227.30 including HST

Administration Fee for late Farm fees is no longer in effect. Farm contracts will be mailed out in January 2021 and have to be signed and returned by March 31st. The full seasonal camping fee also has to be paid by March 31/2021.

Properties unpaid by March 31st are deemed to be available and will be re-allocated.

Membership Application Form

Other forms and documents:

Club By-Laws/Satzungen

Bylaw Revisions 2019