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On October 4, 1934, the first Ladies Group meeting took place under the leadership of Frida Spalinger at the Moose Hall which is where the Concordia Club resided at that time. In 1937 Gertrude Mehnert became president of the group and held the position for 33 years during which time she became a very powerful woman in the club. During her time as president, the group started Bockbierfest and the ladies cooked wieners, sauerkraut, and pork. They also started the Children’s Christmas party around the same time.

In 1959 the Ladies Group took over the club kitchen under Mehnert’s leadership, which was to be only for a temporary time. The temporary time lasted 10 years. The ladies all volunteered their time and so cooked and served food for all the functions in the club.

Whenever the Concordia Club encountered financial difficulties, the ladies auxiliary was prepared to assist in paying costs for repairs or other debts(such as wages, etc). They helped the soccer players, who had no income at that time, but many expenses such as insurance premiums. They helped the choir when they need new suites, travel costs, and other expenses associated with their various programs. Later they helped the Folk Dance Group acquire new outfits and also helped the Concordia Brass Band when they needed money for instruments.

Later in the years when farm cleanup started, the ladies donated pea soup and sandwiches for all the hard workers. Also for many years the women’s group looked after the Concordia picture archives.

Originally during Oktoberfest the Ladies Group sold coffee and cake, but eventually gave that up and started hosting the dart game.

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