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Welcome to the Concordia Club

Celebrating German culture for over a century

Where’s the one place you can experience true German culture? At the Concordia Club in Kitchener, Ontario. The Concordia Club has been servicing the Kitchener and surrounding communities with authentic German cuisine, culture and festivities for over 130 years.

“The Enjoyment of Life” is in our hearts and on our murals

At the Concordia Club, we are dedicated to providing fun and enjoyment to every guest we have. It’s what the Concordia Club stands for. The Concordia Club is not only well known for Oktoberfest but for the cozy and welcoming ambience it holds. Our pleasant facility features four rooms that can be used for any event. Whether you choose the Weinstube, Jaegerstube, Halle or Schenke room, your friends and family will feel right at home or as we like to say “Gemuetlichkeit” as soon as you enter!
Everyone has a good time when they come to the Concordia Club. We are committed to providing the community with fun-filled activities that are perfect for any age group. The Concordia Club feature 19 different groups that are always looking for new members. We have everything from ballroom dancing to table tennis! Contact us to learn more about the list of groups the Concordia Club houses.

The Concordia Club offers a variety of meal choices, room sizes and options to meet your budget. Our professional staff can help you plan an evening of fun anytime of the year. We look forward to discussing ideas with you and helping you make your event truly memorable.

To book a date or discuss venue possibilities for weddings, corporate events, holiday parties, birthdays etc., contact us for more information.

The second largest Oktoberfest in the world, right at the Concordia Club!

Celebrate Oktoberfest at the Concordia Club! Each year around 40,000 people come to the Concordia Club to take part in this Bavarian festival. Each of our festhallen (festival tents as well as the banqueet hall and the Schenke restaurant) is unique but all feature Bavarian cuisine and beer, schnitzel, schnapps, non alcoholic beverages and entertainment. Get a feel for German culture with our special events, traditional folk dancers and oom-pah music. 
Oktoberfest also features a Thanksgiving Day Parade. Its colourful floats, enthusiastic performers and lively marching bands attract over 150,000 spectators each year. You will also get to meet and greet Miss Oktoberfest and Hauns, two integral people of the Oktoberfest festival.

Oktoberfest is an eight day celebration of tradition, fun and festivities that the Concordia Club is pleased to bring you – all the way from Germany.

Learn more about the history of Oktoberfest at the Concordia Club or the Oktoberfest in Munich.